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Tubing Fabrication

We offer our customers the added value of tubing fabrication. Whether alone or in combination with sheet metal or wire, Astoria can provide the necessary tube products your company requires. Tubing provides a structurally sound foundation for any POP display and our manufacturing capabilities allow your designs to benefit from its properties. The use of tubing in floor displays allows the "knock-down" function to aid in product packing and shipping.

Astoria offers the following services and equipment for tubing fabrication:

  • All Types of Tubing: Square, Rectangular & Round
  • Punching and Mitering
  • Laser Cutting of Holes, Slots or Any Type of Pattern Required
  • Forming/Bending
  • Swedging & Telescoping Sections
  • Mig/Tig Welding & Robotic Mig Welders
  • Post Fabrication Finishing